Friday, July 24, 2015

Skyline Drive Colorado

Just got back from a Colorado trip with my dad and my oldest kid. Poor dad was freaking out of the heights. sorry it wasn't on the bike but I'll take what I can get.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Game

     Yeah it's a new post and I still have my motorcycles. Life has switched a gear these last two years for one reason I have never mentioned. It all comes down to my Daughter and the fury of softball games that has slowed my adventures to a halt. Anyone who has a kid on a travel ball team knows that you are either driving, eating or sitting at a field all weekend every weekend and that called summer. This season I have been lucky and the coach let me help keep the practices running smooth and also to get on the field and help with first base. My daughter is not fond of me coaching first base and actually today I ticked her off. Teenage girl not hustling to first base and letting her know in front of everyone nearby. I wont go any further than half-assing  is something I don't appreciate. In the end win or lose, you have to make it fun and sometime it's weird and something else.

Hotel room boredom......

Saturday, February 7, 2015

KLR Trans Tak Bag

Here is my issue and it's with the disappointment I had with the KLR Trans Tank Bag. Right out of the box the tank bra portion of it was stitched too tight to the point that i was worried about it breaking. The gas cap hole was not round anymore but a huge oval shape that I could fit two gas caps in the spot.

On the first try zipping the bag to the bra the zipper tape failed. Another KLR rider put almost the same exact picture up on Amazon for his review of the bag.

 Look how the end of the zipper is going away into the corner of the bag.

 Then the zipper on the bag side was such low quality that when I pulled it across to close it, the starting point opened up and came undone to the end point. It completely failed on the first try. As a safety issue this could be really bad on a ride with the zipper failing and the bag falling off to the side and interfering with the steering.

 I returned this and let Kawasaki know my issues with this and I have zero expectations of them caring at all.

Friday, January 9, 2015


 It's been about fifteen years since I worked the Art of the Motorcycle show at the Field museum and the Britten is one of two bikes that I never quit staring at and standing next to when I had the chance. A lot of people would look at it and thought it was all just for looks and never really made a mark in racing or even really ran.