Sunday, September 13, 2009

Breitbachs and the Crystal Lake Caves

The plan for the day was to get some people together and ride out to Breitbachs restaurant. The place has burnt down twice in the last, I think two years. I never had a chance to go there before and My friends say it was pretty cool.
For the ride out we had six bikes which is the largest group I've had behind me in a long time, was nice.

Chilling out after riding pretty much non-stop out of Elgin to Hanover.

Riding the ferry over to Iowa - cost for one bike $7 one way!! Ferry is out of Cassville WI and the perfect way to roll out onto C9Y.

Thats Tom above pondering getting home fast to catch his dinner date back home. The view behind him was awesome and dummy me didn't go down there for a shot.
I wonder what Breitbachs looked like all the way at the top of the hill on fire, had to be crazy!
As the name states below the CAVE!! It's a little odd and interesting here but rolling up to this building you would never think their is a cave here. Also if your claustrophobic don't go down as we had one friend who was not happy and went back up. The kid doing the tour said a guy four hundred pounds and seven feet tall got stuck down in one part. Yikes!!!

^^^ looks like T-rex...

The pic above is thy crystal cave. It was used as a wishing well years back but they stopped that. click the pic and you can see the coins breaking down.

Very nice day ride and it was ALL DAY. Rolled out of the house at 7AM did 430 some odd miles and got back at 9PM. Yep all with Bronchitics but didn't feel too bad till I got out of the cave.