Saturday, November 30, 2013

Would love to know if........

Can anyone that went to the international motorcycle show this year tell me if this picture of my bike made it into the calender that they hand out for free. I was told that it was going to be  used but I wont see the calendar till February. would love to know!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013



From time to time I dig though my photos to bring up memories and stir the thoughts. This one  made me chuckle once I noticed my daughters reflection and how she looks tormented. Little did she know how far we needed  to ride. It was a all back road  trip up to my uncles lake house that runs about six hours one-way. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cheese Trail Visit In The Fall

Saturday was just a simple visit back out to the Cheese Trail that starts in Monroe WI. The temps were low in the morning so I put the KLR in the back of my truck and hauled her there. It was still only 40F when I got to the trail-head and my winter gear was perfect. Also the parking lot only had two other trucks parked so I knew the trail would be quiet.


 Just a beautiful day to kick back and ride by myself and not worry about what anyone else needs or wants.
 Holy cow!! 

This girl must be the troublemaker of the gang with the bell around her neck. She was the only one who didn't get up and move away from me. She actually got closer to see what I was up to. Once she checked me out, all the other cows went into a mooing frenzy and slowly started to gather to the fence I was shooting at. It was neat at first and made for some nice photos but it made me a little nervous with thirty plus cows up against a old dilapidated barbwire fence. They either wanted out or food.   
 IMG_3340                 Tri-colored cow!!


                          Fall colors were mostly down and lining the trail in a guided path of gold, red and browns for a day spent in a little Zen moment that might have to satisfy me till spring decides come back around.