Thursday, December 5, 2013

Man, It's Only December!!

I'm seriously missing being on the bike right now. Last summer was a big wash with any big rides. I was stuck and had to save cash with the threat of our union strike, all I could do was little local riding. Since I lived here (southwest Chicago) my whole life, it was very boring. I keep finding myself going back into old ride pictures. I need to get my ass in gear in the garage and do valve checks on the KLR and install some new LED fog lights. The old RD 400 needs the front caliper rebuilt along with a fresh master cylinder. I plan on doing a little before and after post on the brake caliper rebuild.
The big positive thing I plan for next year is to get to the Bonneville salt flats to watch and also get a clear understanding of the rules to see what I can build. I noticed some guys are using the KLR and setting records for stock top speed. I just need a clear understanding what is considered "stock" if you know what I mean.