Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Displacement is good.

 The daily commute was going fine until halfway home the KLR decided to give me the old dead throttle. Hmm, that's odd 175 miles and time for reserve? So I flip the petcock and leave the throttle closed for a few seconds and retry and it's kind of running. Another 1/4 mile down the road and she's done and a little panic comes over me as I have a kid at home that needs to be at a softball game in a hour. Anger also rushes in as a dead engine is not supposed to happen on a mechanics bike and with that rush of anger as the bike silently rolls down the big hill in the town I'm passing through, I give the gas cap a whack with my hand. I come to the bottom of the hill and jump off to look at the fuel filter and see gas rushing through it like I just turned it on after a rebuild. DAMN TANK VENT! Guess I have the old Fonzie touch as the whack must of unstuck the vent and it fired right up.

 Once I had time I removed the cap and gutted it and pulled out these pieces. I could of just cleaned them up and gave them a shot of WD-40 but why? After 1K removed I have had no problems running.