Tuesday, October 30, 2007

last ride for the year!

Well being October I figured this was the last chance to get a few more miles on the new KLR. It would be a simple over night out to Galena and back.
We rolled out of Panera in Elgin and first stop was Cherry Vally for some hot chocolate. The shell in town has the best!!!
Check out the front end of the BMW. That's one of the few BMWs I'd consider for buying.
For lunch we stopped along Stage coach trail. It used to be called gasoline alley, I forgot what they changed it to. decent food.
We rolled into Galena to find a mess of a town. Kind if figured it would be a slow quiet Downtown being late in the year, but it was Halloween weekend. there was no parking on the main street so we parked up on the hill.
Look close, theres a cross down there.

The stairs of DOOM!!!

The morning of the second day was cold but at least the sun was helping out a little. Thats the Chestnut Mountian Inn and a really nice place to hang out at. In the summer they have Alpine slides and are quite fast if you don't mine getting road rash from falling off. Very pleasant ride, kicked back and enjoying the ride. Only a few more months and time to gear up for more..