Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fricken Bearings

Last month I went through the KLR's forks and gave them some fresh oil and while I was at it I gave the steering a tweak tighter and noticed a definite center spot. Meaning the Bearings have damage to where the roller bearings have worn into the races. So when the steering it slightly off center it pops back to center like a detent or notchy feeling.  

I thought well this is what you get for doing wheelies every time you can but it was a big surprise when I dropped it out and found a bunch of rust. It was well know that the factory was sparing with the grease and owners were finding rust in the first few thousand miles. I also found rust back in the winter of 08' and replaced the bearings and seals due to rust. I used a really good grease made for tractors to protect parts from the harsh field conditions.

The race here is wiped free of grease and the marks are the where the rollers have rusted against and what makes the notch feeling. The KLR is by far the most challenging lower race to get out since the race edge is completely untouchable with punch. The trick is a dremel with a cut off wheel and patience to not cut completely through the race but just leave the slightest material. Then with a very sharp and small chisel (made for metal) put it in the grove and give it a good hit. If you did it right, it will almost fall out of the head. It also sounds WAY easier than it is and I would much rather rebuild a engine that this. 
Putting the races back in is cake and never a issue with a simple bearing race driver.