Sunday, July 26, 2009

Plainfield IL bike night

Notice :Plainfield bike nights are gone for 2010.
OK, for the last few years the local hog chapter sets up bike nights in Plainfield Il once a month and gets a good turn out every time the weather is nice. The problem you can tell is they don't seem to like the sport bikes and my ZX10R is one of them. So the wife and I slipped in on the KLR and no one seemed to notice. Just kidding but it does seem to be a bunch of HD's and that's about it.
It was pretty cool to see some of the really old bikes like the Indian eight valve bike. Super rare and was certainly trucked up to the show. I don't think it was a original bike meaning it was a pieced together bike since they were only sold to big time board track racers back in 1911. I have to say it was so clean and put together flawlessly.
The sad part was people walked by it like it was a old bicycle. The truth is it made HD move forward with engine design and make a strong brand loyalty that has seem to of lasted for generations.
needless to say I sat around for a while hoping for the owner to come back and kept staring at it.
He never surfaced, maybe next bike night..

Actually this chopper was only one of the few that were around and it was a martin brothers bike as far as I could tell. Very pretty bike but is not my style..

I'm really happy the wife came out for a ride since we don't do rides much anymore. I would love to do one more ride with her for dinner to the Chicago pizza kitchen this year. Driving Lake Shore Drive with her and the city is so pretty...

Next ride: Cheese trail and camping....