Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My old girl

Flipping through some old pictures and found two old shots.  My old Ninja was really my favorite bike that I have owned over the years. She was a little heavy but the engine was good and the riding posture was way better than my current ZX-10. We went 36K together and she was getting a little tired as the miles went up.

Last day in the garage before trading her in for the 10R. Where is she now??

The Little Things

So living in Illinois is not the most amazing state to motorcycle in and it takes time to get to something fun. 99% of the time I don't leave Illinois and thump around the norther parts. Over the years I found every road from Chicago to the Mississippi river that has a curve in it. Now I have a new little thing to do when I need a good reason (not that I really need one) to fire up the bike.
It's a simple as finding old bridges and I started it last year and If your from Illinois here's a file to drop in your GPS. ADV IL bridges