Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Oh Paul………..

One thing close to home I for some reason I had a hard time getting around to visit was poor Paul. He was beautiful with detail, even from the distance that I parked from. Compared to Marilyn Monroe that was in Chicago two years ago, Paul wins. I don’t know if he is tired from a hard days work or his blue Ox went missing.
Here is the roadside link for info

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Winter mods

        Well the custom domain name is gone and I’m back to the name I originally created years ago, so II f you found me again just make sure to reset your bookmark.

  I decided to ditch my Garmin 2820 over the winter and I picked up a broken zumo 550 on E-bay. It had a bad screen and it was a simple swap out with Chinese replacement also off of E-bay. It worked out very well so I  set-up the bike for the works. Locking high isolation touratech mount, XM antenna and a Bluetooth transmitter. The reason for the transmitter is because the zumo will not broadcast the XM to my helmet headset.  The few test rides have been flawless and the zumo is a load faster with processing than the old 2820.

Next up was ditching the old 35 watt PIAA light the were warping and the lenses kept falling off. The Totron LEDs are brighter than the old girls and leave me some wattage to keep the seat and grip heat on  without my voltage monitor yelling at me. The one thing I did do was Loctite all 7 bolts in the front of the lamp. You cant really see it but the number 7 bolt is in the dead center of the reflector. This should help with the large amount of vibration that the KLR make.