Sunday, October 30, 2011

Say it isn't so!!

It's about that time I get the bikes washed for maybe the last time. Life has once again been kicked into the high stress gear since baby number four arrived September 23rd. So I sit with two boys and two girls and everyone is perfectly healthy and short of sleep! LOL...
My hope is this one is the speed demon I was as a child and wants to have a motor attached to what he wishes. My oldest boy Garrett was a little into his CRF70 along with my second girl Kira till Garrett had a little mess up and launched himself over the bars and broke his hand. After that neither wanted anything to do with the bike and it became my wheelie bike,  Time will tell how if number four want's to play fast.

As for the KLR she needs a chain and sprocket set at 21K and to be honest I though it would last longer but the links are really stiff. The ZX-10R is going to have the seat redone over at Sargent seats around Christmas. The RD400 will get a new set of tires and a complete front brake rebuild  and a new master cylinder. I have problem trusting a 37 year old master cylinder. Besides the brake switch stuck off on me and I was almost plowed by a minivan who didn't see me slowing to turn into my neighborhood and never mind my hand in the air signaling a right turn. It was a pretty close shave and I just remember out of the corner of my eye seeing both front tires locked up and smoking. :O
                                    The chill and the Chili are back at the Serena Cafe

                                 Just remember: If your not enjoying life your doing it wrong!!
                                       Godspeed to Marco Simoncelli from Motogp.