Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Progressive spring compared to stock and Kawasaki lack of real grease!!!! :(

Well after a full year of owning a bike with poor front suspension it was time for improving. The KLR stock is very bad while braking, tons of dive. To the point of running out of travel. I'm hoping the Progressive springs help this out. You can see in the pic below the stock spring on the right, it's short and evenly coiled. On the left is Progressives, almost double the length and coiled tighter at the bottom.

The manual states 135mm of fluid from the the top of the fork with the spring out and fully compressed. They sell a nice tool that does measuring and removing excessive fluid in one shot. I know I would use this tool like three time in twenty years so I made this simple tool.
Poor bike, all faceless!!
Kawasaki Ticked me off with this!!! Nice rusty, pitted steering races and most likely causing my high speed wobble or weave. I also have this wobble when transitioning the bike through fast turns left to right or vice versa. For now there going to get very well greased and preloaded. Winter will be a perfect time to order and install new bearings and races.