Sunday, January 13, 2008

Installing of my motech crashbars

This kit was very easy to do and I could of had it done in a hour or less if I didn't have to stop and take pic's. I can tell you it would be a good idea to use some masking tape under the tank by the sub-frame bolts. I also used medium strength loc-tite. Gonna have to get used to flipping the lever so I don't wedge the fingers between the bar.

the new look..
Riders view.
Look shes naked! :O
Put the clutch cable above the bar.
Here I rerouted the tank vent. with the stock seat it routed like a snake between the tank and frame. Corbin seat wants it another way that really can leave it with a sharp bend. In very warm weather it could kink and stop venting which could give you some annoying symptoms.....
The exit of the vent.
Added a fuel filter since there is not one from the factory. You would think being a on-off road bike a fuel filter would be a given!!!!!!
Kid thinks he knows it all... he's a great kid.
My way of sneaking out the sub-frame bolts. Make sure to do one side at a time or the frame will droop and destroy your harness.

This Is the bolts I picked up at ACE hardware to replace the one that did not come in the box. is sending me the bolts but I could not wait. Only cost me six bucks. Twistedthrottle was awesome and called me about the missing bolts before I could call them. thats what I call customer service.