Monday, December 24, 2012

Rockets Away!

I've been reliving my childhood a bit with some rockets. Just something to keep my A.D.D. .mind happy over the winter months while motorcycle therapy sessions get fewer.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

This Years Pictures

 2012 Motorcycle pictures and some others thrown in for good measure. Some you may of seen and others you haven't.  

The Swapmeet sidecar

I hit all the motorcycle swap meets out here in Chicagoland and I'm not going to buy anything but it's just to see odd stuff. Most of the time the people are the center point of the odd stuff. :P  This last one in Morris IL had the winner for the years odd duck. A Duna sidecar that was in very rough shape but a very interesting sight. I asked the owner the his history with it and he got it from Spain and it was mated to a BMW for a bunch of years and sold the bike separate. His price for the beat to hell sidecar was (Drum-roll)  ------------ 15K. I cracked a smile and almost laughed and just said "oh really". The truth is I'm quite the bike slut and love them all and would like some time on three wheels. A little Honda Scrambler and a car like this would be a great match but I think I'll find both for well under Fifteen thousand. A Ural is a cheaper option and is always the easier than setting up and restoring a Honda. Oh how Craigslist brings me to temptation.