Friday, February 29, 2008

PIAA JDM lights and Heads-up voltage module

So there are two thing I had to add with the fog lights to not clutter the bike more and also hurt the bike. First was the Heads-up voltage monitor. Here is how it works. Flashing Green - Voltage Above 15.25 VDC – This prolonged over-voltage condition can destroy batteries, especially gel-cells.

Steady Green - Above 12.9

Steady Amber - Above 12.6

Steady Red -
Above 12.1

Flashing Red - Below 12 VDC – During this condition, if the engine is running, do not shut down until service can be provided. Restart of engine is unlikely. Reduce electrical load.

The second thing was the auto switch. It's a nice way to control the extra lights without having to worry about a mechanical switch (placement,water damage) failing. Heres a idea how it works.
The visual LED blinks rapidly during the timed "window" up to 10 seconds long when you should release the trigger signal (high beam switch). The single tap to flash the high beams or leaving the high beams on will not activate the Autoswitch. LED shines green to indicate power to your auxiliary lights relay.
Also is a reliable place to buy these from.

The weird thing was the first time I shut them off they glow a gas flame blue for about 2-3 minuets. Really cool looking.

Picture is strangely red with the flash turned off. there very bright white light rated for 70-75 watts but only draw 35watts.
I can't say enough about the great pre-wired harness PIAA makes for these lights. There made for cars, but the length was good. Only had to hide two small loops of harness under the tank.