Sunday, February 7, 2010

seat trimmed and not itching, plus a little powder coating

So I'm on vacation and had some time to drop the kickstand off at the powder coater along with the rear brake strut on the RD. It's hard to get to the coater since they work the same hours as me. Anyhow it's done and so is the crappy paint that was dropped on it from the on-line store I picked it up from. It was replaced a year ago to add more lean so it didn't blow over when on the stand. Also it got pretty chipped up from beta testing the HT center stand. Link for CPC shop.


after, nice and clean.

The seat section you can see above is over lapping onto the side cover and on the oil tank. I really don't like trimming or working with fiberglass. Something always itches when I'm done. The klr muffler repack got me good with a itching forehead. Must of rubbed my head with long sleeves on. :)
Little bit of breather room now and very clear of both sides.

Yeah, I wish there was more to talk about (like riding) but winter is still going strong. Three more weeks and it will get better. International motorcycle show is soon! :) I'm interested just to see how it will be with the big four bike maker feeling the pinch.
I am heading up to Canada this June and need to get my passport rolling. Also I went down to Mammoth cave with my dad (in the car) and that is something I would suggest as a great bike destination. That is marked down in my book for a KLR ride in late August.