Saturday, March 29, 2008

cold and short ride!

Well the game plan was to go from my house to Utica and back. The group I ride with didn't really want to come since the weather was taking forever to warm up. My buddy Dave called and we were pushing the idea of going anyways but we called it off. When he called it was still 35 degrees at 11am. Too cold!!
Later, my other friend Jim instant messaged me who is the process of breaking in his bike. He asked how my ride was and I said it was too cold in the morning but it's warmer out now. Temp was around 50 degrees and bright sun. He rode over and we cruised over to Lemont , IL. We did some dirt back roads up and down the I&M canal. We also cruised under the new part of I-355 since there were no signs against it. You don't realize how high that bridge is until your under it.
I only did 35 miles which was fine considering I needed a short run to check over the little modifications that were done over this forever lasting Winter!!

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