Sunday, January 11, 2009

klr reflective tape job --

So nothing much to add in these winter months on the KLR. I always thought the reflective tape on bike was a good idea but thought it was unsightly in the day time. After looking around a bit I came to I didn't know 3M makes this stealth tape which you can see looks good in daylight. was very good to do business with and also sells that cool little jolly Roger on my top trunk box.

This how it looks with the lights out and a camera flash.
All I did was buy the D.I.Y. kit and used some cardboard paper to make a template.
The biggest tip I can give is, get the tape and item discharged so lint balls don't get trapped under the tape. It shows up since the tape is thin, black , and glossy.
All I hope to get out of this is people seeing how wide the bike is to avoid getting swiped on the road. I'd like to say it will help to avoid getting rear ended at a light but in the end nothing would stop a drunk....

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