Thursday, April 9, 2009

JNS Engineering skid plate ----- Sweetness!!

After two years of having the KLR someone finally came up with a good answer for the skid plate. has a rocking plate that bolts up to the stock mounting brackets. The plate is thick and longer going about inch or so past the oil drain bolt. It's made out of aluminum and the welds are very pretty.

My stock plate has taken some pretty good wackes and it's cracked around every bolt hole.
Not as bad as some other I've seen posted on the web, but I'm not going over downed tree or basketball sized rocks. The most it's seen have been softball sized rocks that would pop off of the front tire going down the trails.

Bolt up was super easy and took about 20 minuets. My front stock mount plates were, I think a little tweaked but bolted up perfectly. I did add some loctite since it's become a habit on this bike. Now just need to get out when the weather gets nicer to bounce some rocks at it!!

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