Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yerkes observatory and Meadowdale raceway

Today deal was to ride out to lake Geneva for breakfast and check out the Yerkes observatory.

Just a quick stop to pick up a buddy and throw on some more layers. Pretty crazy being August and having to dress warm. It was only 56 Degrees when we rolled out from my house. Usually around this time of year it's 65 Degrees in the morning and you hide in the house after lunch.

View of the lake where we parked our bikes. I've been to Lake Geneva before and I always forget why I don't want to go back. It seems like it's, lets keep up with the Jones'. If you know me at all you know this couldn't be farther from me.

The very cool stop was Yerkes Observatory. I knew we couldn't go in to check it out but I wanted to just take some shots. They just don't take the time anymore to put this much work into stone anymore.
Built in 1895!!

No it's not a Gargoyle it's a Chimera!!

The second stop was unplanned as my buddy and I rode home down RT31.

I don't think many people even knew the track ever existed. We walked the track for a little and it was so cool. The elevation changes were amazing. Just walking the Sections we did were pretty scary, regardless with a car or bike, Guard rails or not! They raced right next to this silo without any barriers. The one up hill climb is also a turn and a huge drop off to the side, that would be a bad off.
Besides all the safety issues I would of loved to see cars flying around this place..
here's a link....

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