Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tech-day at my house with some folks off the web.


I follow a few forums on the KLR 650 and the one had a few people asking when the next Chicago area tech-day would be. I have everything  needed besides parts to get most work needed done. My bike is mostly done with modifying it so why not help out other that need some tweaking.

Today was the day and I have to say it was a ton of fun getting one bike up to par and another set up for a better ride.

It’s always nice to put user names to real names and faces. Also creating more opportunities for more friends and riding buddies.


Only two bikes to work on but plenty to get done in a few hours.


Thanks to John jumping into Adams engine, I was able to mostly say on Jim’s bike.  Adam looks really happy for having a broken Doo, but it was only in two parts. That’s worth smiling about!IMG_1915

This is the dreaded Doo. Basically  this one failed due to a weld didn’t even penetrate into the round section. Thankfully it didn’t hurt the motor but I’m surprised the adjuster shaft didn’t rotate.IMG_1905

New Doo in place and ready for the torsion spring to be hooked.


Working the spring into the Doo was a small challenge.


Avoiding the garage troll was a constant challenge!! :)IMG_1911

Getting Jim’s Doo done. His was in good shape, in one piece and a lot of spring tension left. We also installed the torsion spring.


So all together we did two Doo’s, rear raising links, front springs with fresh fork oil, fork brace, 22 cents carb mod, front and rear sprockets with a chain.

I want to thank everyone for helping out.

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JustAdam said...

Thanks a ton, again, for all your hospitality, help and the new friendship - and by the way, nice blog buddy!