Sunday, November 29, 2009

lunch with the KLR’s and some mud.


It’s really late in the year at least for me to keep riding in the cold but this Saturday hit the low 50’s so I had to get out. Met two of my friends for some beef sandwiches and talked about some plans for next year.

One plan is to get the sportbikes out to North Carolina for the good roads. We would trailer them out there and do a few day rides around some great back roads. If your ever around the  Deals Gap area I heavily suggest MAD MAPS. they have lots of great sweet spots.

The other plan is to do more trail riding up in central Wisconsin. The Cheese Trail is a plan and also a new trail I found. It’s only forty miles west of Wautoma WI where my uncles lake house is. I haven’t been to the lake house for fifteen years and would love to drop by in the summer and have a beer with my cousin Jen.

Any how here’s some pic’s from Saturday..

Pop’s beef Lockport Il.


Gravel road along the Des Plains River. Nothing super exciting but farther down it gets good but I know I’m not supposed to be riding their so no pictures. It’s only about three miles of off-road but fun pot holed gravel road you can really fly down.

If you get caught by the water reclamation district they might be OK with you or there gonna take your bike and a trespassing ticket.

I’ve been stopped by them mountain biking and they just tell you to ride out. Most of the time you see them before they see you and that means it’s time to boogie out..

This is tome the most interesting turn in IL. Reminds me of the famous corkscrew of Laguna Seca Raceway. Not quite the elevation drop but it does go down maybe a few stories.

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