Monday, January 18, 2010

checking out and helping

This last Sunday I stopped over and my old friend Jim's house to help out on some KLR stuff. The big thing was getting his bike torn down to check his valve clearance. Kawasaki says to not worry about the valves till 15K and Jim is only at 10K. Nothing wrong with checking early and Kawasaki was right, they were all on the money. One of these days I'll get to use the valve shims I bought.
We also did the basic stuff for the engine harness recall. That went well with no rubbed and chaffed wires.
The cool part is we planned a big trip in June to ride around all the great lakes. It's gonna be on the cheap and all tents. My biggest fear is Black bear and this really freaks me out. Last summer when the family and I headed up to Hayward WI we had a little bear encounter. We went to a restaurant and a bear was outside behind the place eating because the owners were feeding them, not to smart if you ask me. I didn't know he was their until we were in the place, but when it was time to leave he wasn't in view of the window where we were watching him from. I was freaking out that we needed to run with the kids to the van. I asked the waitress how the bears react to them and she said they take off when the bears see them. Of course nothing happened and we didn't see him. Gotta get over these little fears. It's gonna be FUN!


Peter said...

Were you at Metro's, somewhere between Cable and Telemark lodge? We've been there, I think, and they have been feeding those bears for over 30 years. Good food and usually a boisterous crowd in the bar.

FATTKAW said...

No I think it was called the trails way inn. south of hayward on 27 and K, but as Wisconsin is they also have a bar and they were boisterous!! LOL..

Peter said...

Are you doing the great lakes the iron butt way? There's a patch or certificate or something like that if you ride around the great lakes in under 100 hours, or just one of them under 50, I think. Go to and check it out. I know how fast you guys ride!