Saturday, January 2, 2010

JNS Engineering Side Stand Pad

JNS Engineering Side Stand Pad is my newest little thing on my KLR. I'm so happy with my skid plate from them that I plopped down the money for the pad.
If you go camping and park in the grass, the stand will sink. The last two camping tips I did both times I had to come up with something to put under the kick stand. One time was a coke bottle and the other time I used the axle wrench from the KLR's tool kit. Kind of a hassle that $28 bucks will take care of for me.
Also I don't know or own JNS and they are not paying me to blog this. I recommend their products and NEVER had any problems about the two orders from them. You pay, get a e-mail, and it shows up. Can't say that about some of the other KLR part sources on the web.

The victim!!!!

It's super simple install. JNS want's you to measure on top of the pad where to drill. I did it my way and just positioned the pad and marked the hole where to drill on the bottom. I think it was a 13/64 bit.

This is it close up and I wasn't really fond of the exposed threads. So I took off to the ACE hardware store for a acorn nut and a slightly shorter bolt.

Now with acorn nut and to me a cleaner look and cost me like a buck to do.
The next thing will take off the stand and get it powder coated so it doesn't look fifteen years old.
I bought a shorter stand two years ago and it seems they used some crappy paint and it's done putting up with my boot and the ground.
Sorry for kind of a lame post but the weather is at zero degrees and I'm going nuts in the house.
RD400 stuff coming soon....


Unknown said...

Well, how much does it cost? I like it, but I have a crushed coke can in my handlebar bag for that purpose...

FATTKAW said...

it was about $28. it's only gonna fit the 08 and up bikes.

Unknown said...

I'm beginning to realize I bought a relic, an antique...