Sunday, March 7, 2010

KLR650 tech day here april 3rd

I'll be hosting a Chicago tech day. We did one last fall at my
place and it was great. Figure we will start wrenching at 8AM
and go to about 5pm depending on how much needs to get done.

I have tools for the Doo and all the standard stuff for KLR
You can also do tires here and oil changes. I'll take care of
disposing the oil but if your leaving old tires it will be
$2.50 a tire to dump it.

last tech day ---

please no surprise work, just let me know if your coming to get
work done or you want to help wrench.. Also anyone is welcomed
to just hangout and meet each other. If you need my address please E-mail me!


Peter said...

So, this is what I'm thinking:
Heated grips. (Symtec--the ones you suggested)
Steel braided front brake line.
new pads, front and rear.
what else do I need to do the brakes--fluid? some sort of vacuum?

At some point, I'm thinking about the Thermo-Bob. Here's a link:

What do you think?

FATTKAW said...

Dot 3 or 4 fluid. We won't need a vacuum pump.
Thermo-bob to me is really in my opinion is perfect in really cold temps.

Peter said...

Hey, I just saw you introduce yourself as having a 2008 KLR with the 685 kit! How's that working out? I need to get a couple of things first, but that's on my list. Does it make a big difference?

FATTKAW said...

the kit has about 5K on it and it's very good. Revs are a little quicker and roll-on seems faster also. Vibration is down and you notice that after all day on the bike. I would do it again.

Peter said...

I have so many things I'd like to change on my bike...not sure if the list will ever stop! Have been thinking about the Britannia fairing. expensive, but better wind protection, adjustable windshield, and HID lights....685, thermo-bob, better pegs....Please tell me that no stock bike is perfect....

FATTKAW said...

if I had the last generation KLR I would snag the Britannia as a first farkle.
I'm keeping my eyes out for a KLR with a blown motor to farkle out as project. Was also looking for a DR650. either one would be fun to build-up.