Sunday, August 15, 2010

lunch at the ACE Drive-in

Today was a little ninja ride over to lunch at the ACE Drive-in. The ninja was begging for a LITTLE speed blast on the highway so I took it over to my friends house. Also my friend Tom one of the two guys I did the Canada trip with picked up a new 1300 Honda. It's the first NEW bike I think I have ever seen him on and I'm happy for him.
Anyways, the Ace is a cool little place I have been passing by but never stopped at for the last 15 plus years. I saw Kurt's thoughts blog who lives around the area stopped there a while ago and it looked good.

The one thing that is good is the homemade root-beer and for me the shredded BBQ beef on a French roll. YUM! :) Here's a little clip from ABC 7 Chicago, the Ace drive-in section starts at the 2 Min mark...

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Chuck said...

Very nice good buddy! I also wondered about that place. Looks like you had a great time.