Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The hospital commute

My previous week with my son having surgery in downtown Chicago was a hell of a challenge in life. I had one commuting challenge coming home last Monday evening when I was cruising in the center lane and in the middle of it when a lovely Indian man in his little Toyota wanted to have some of my space. He was trying to squeeze between me and a car in the fast lane while his wife was waving her hands and screaming. My first reaction was to kick the car (leg would only of had to extend halfway to hit it) but the safe thing was get the hell out of the way. I was just kind of shocked and it was about the craziest thing that a car driver has pulled on me in the twenty years plus since I've been a street rider. All I could think was he was older and that's how they drive in India and how I'm glad I may never cross paths with this flake again.
The nicest part about taking the bike in the city was parking since motorcycles are free to park in the hospital garage. The three days I took the bike only one scooter and one other bike parked with me.
The one thing I noticed is people tend to get the hell out of the crosswalks when your coming at them and these are the same Chicagoans who won't even look up when a taxi is flying at them.

Two weeks away is my ride down to the Mammoth Caves and sleeping in a Wigwam and all dependent  on the weather being good!!

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