Monday, May 7, 2012

Big women scares me

The other day I was looking through some tweets and saw that said a Marilyn Monroe statue was leaving Chicago Monday morning and Fuzzy is a leader of roadside giant figures. So I talked my buddy to wake up early and go check out the lady.

my plan was to ride the bike up to the base of her feet and take a shot but we got to park curbside and worked out great.

Nice lady offered to take a shot of us and then she wanted to keep talking to us. I figured it won't hurt to give her some conversation to repay for taking our picture.
                           Right about now in this shot is when I felt a little like a pervert.
                                                 Sex and bikes ---------- it always sells.

             I was giggling at all the shoe marks on her legs from people trying to climb up and wonder how many perverted pictures are on cellphones.
The girls gonna be around for some time since shes a metal, I was expecting fiberglass

At one point we were the attraction and people were taking shots with our bike.
Second stop of the day was down RT66 in the town of Wilmington IL at the Gemini Giant. The restaurant that the giant sits buy has been closed for a few years and the town was talking about buying the Gemini form the old owners of the restaurant. He's kind of like the symbol of the town and in every Route 66 book I have ever picked up.  This picture came out really strange. The wheels on the Ninja look huge and especially the front.
                           Some quarterback tossed one in the mask of the giant. LOL..

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