Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Franks Diner and Road America Vintage days

One place I have been meaning to stop at has been Franks Diner. So as we made our way up north to Road America, we made sure to make a stop there. Nice place and fills up quick...and I mean it! We got there early at 6:30AM and some locals were waiting before us. Twenty five minuets after opening the diner was filled.  The food was good and the waiter was quick-witted with sarcastic comments; I had to hold coffee back from coming out of my nose.

Gas and water stop before getting to the track. Water at the gas station is way cheaper here.  BTW: I love these old road signs for stores/restaurants, nothing generic about old school.
We stopped by our friends at flatlandcycles. He also does great Triumph restorations.
Funny thing is when it's 90 degrees and sunny outside, I lost interest  it taking pictures of old honda's running around the track with no mufflers. The races were poor with a lot of junk bikes and low turnout. Really not worth the effort and thirty bucks to get in. My hope was to see an old GP two stroke v-4 running around the big track, but no luck. I think I will have to go over to Mid-Ohio to see a high dollar GP bike alive and smoking.
The BRP had the spider demo rides going and my buddy and I went for a escorted ride around Elk Hart Lake. It's interesting to ride, but like they said multiple time during the intro, "it's NOT a motorcycle" and that it is definitely correct. To each his own.

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