Saturday, January 19, 2013

Litttle camera test

Went out for a little ride and tested out how a Sony camera worked on video mode. It came out a bit crappy mounted to the bars. I tried last week mounted to the crash-bar and the vibration was so bad the camera would shut off. Does anyone know if the gopro mount does better???
The road I'm on is part of the Lemont Heritage Quarries. Years ago it was obviously a group quarries for limestone. At some point it was a recreation spot in the 50-60's and then closed for a while. I only noticed it opened back in 98'. It's my little place I chill out and enjoy a cigar from time to time. 


BeemerGirl said...

Depending on the actual location of the mount, the GoPro can be just as bad. My husband tried suctioning it to his fairing...and lots of wiggles. The GoPro suction mount works best on non-moving, non-flexible parts. Worked well on my metal tank. Acceptable on the pelican case I was using as a top box. (Still some wiggle, but partially acceptable.)

Jon Risor said...

Thanks for the info. It will always be a love/hate relationship with my big thumper. I'll probably get the hero3 in April with some birthday money and helmet mount it.

the rider said...

Your video clip is actually pretty good bro., I have an "Oregon Scientific" action cam which I mounted to my fairing, it takes very good stills but too much vibration for video, a big problem is bugs, I have to keep cleaning the lens. I haven't tried the helmet mounting yet but I can't mount it on the handlebars, the fairing is too high.