Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Grandfather

Years ago my Grandmother gave me these wonderful photos of my Grandpa on his Indian's. I only had the chance to meet him once that I remember and it happened at the age of 4. Not much of a memory other than me hiding behind my Dad and thinking Grandpa always looked mad. Talking to my Aunt's that is also what their boyfriend's thought of my Grandpa also. The angry look is also with my Dad and continues with me. Keeps the boys in check. 
 The only thing that my Grandmother could tell me was one of the bikes was a 1926. The picture above and below is the same bike with and without the passenger seat. The very bottom photo is a different Indian by looking at the front suspension rods not passing through the fender and also it does not have the sidecar attachment rod on the double down tubes. If you got a clue as to what year and model these are, drop me a comment.

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