Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bored waiting on the weather!!

So I'm bored hanging out waiting on the weather to get nicer so I played a little. First thing was the GPS is a pain to use the touch screen picking from a list of options like different gas station, ect..
It's only because the tip of motorcycle gloves have a thick seam, leaving a poor surface area. The very expensive Touratech mount has a stylus in the back of it, but that's also hard to find quick. So a trip the Ace hardware was in order to fix this. In there bulk assortment they have grommets that the stylus fits in perfectly. Also I used some galvanized plate for the tab to hold the grommet. A pair of sheet metal shears, drill and a dremel did a perfect job. I think I might add a tether if I need to move quick from a stop light or something like that..

Just playing camera tricks with my new canon XTI. The garage was pitch black and I hung the shutter for thirty seconds while I did circles with a led flash light. kind of neat. You can see my socks slightly as I walked around the bike.

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