Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Twistar/Spring In Spring Green

So every year we ( go up to Spring Green the weekend before Memorial day. We used to do the weekend with the HSTA group. The thing is you don't get much for the membership price. So we do on our own and it's always nice.
My buddy Jim and I had to leave later in the day due to that mess called work. We met up at the Belvidere oasis and only wait a few minutes for him to ride up. Here I thought I was super late due to side roads and tons of traffic.
Dave cleaning up the morning dew on the Tiger. Hey are you ready to get those great eggs that take two hours to cook?? Yea, the chef's inn down the street was VERY SLOW.
Tom ST3
My ninja looking for a speeding ticket. :)
First gas stop of the day getting some water and talking about the route. The weather could not of been better. Sunny all day and I never broke a sweat.
This was a quiet little bar/restaurant and empty. I don't remember what town it was but the view was great during lunch.
The camera just doesn't capture the view. A panoramic lens would grab the size of the Mississippi river much better.
Thanks for leading T2!!!

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