Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ride to Tower Park, Peoria Heights.

The plan for today was to ride to the Serena cafe for breakfast and go to Peoria to find Tower Park. The meeting spot was different then where we usually group up at, which wasn't bad but some one crashed on RT47 and a few people had to reroute to get to the shell. That's not easy when you don't know a area. Also sorry for the bad estimate on time frame for the ride, hope you all enjoyed it and thanks for putting up with me guys and girls. :)

Once we arrived at Serena we found the cafe closed. Sad but they had a sign on the door that it was only so they too could take a break and go on vacation. We just rode to Ottawa and stopped at the Bee Hive which was fine, just not so quaint.

This tower Park very cool view and one scary elevator. The elevator is all glass and makes some bad sounds.
It's actually a old water tower for Pabst blue ribbon beer. There gone now due to a fire in the 80's.

The weather was Great all day except for a little sprinkle, it looked way worse.

Thats the top of the elevator all the way down there.
These little guys were all over the top deck. They look like bees but acted like flies. very docile, so much so I was joking with Jim that we could pet them. When I tried it didn't care.
The Burger Barge was the lunch stop and we rolled in and it was a little busy. I begged the guys to sit inside so we could watch some of the Indy 500 they had playing on the big screen. Food was OK, but the wait was very long. It was still fun.
These last two photos crack me up. There both in desperate need of a Caption. Just leave it in the comments!!
They were not fighting but it sure looks like it!!


Anonymous said...

You're just F&*(ng lucky there is no Jello pit nearby or I'd ...

FATTKAW said...

Bova sent===pic #1 - just me hamming it up in front of the camera taking off my sweat shirt. pic #2 - that's Jimbo telling me his Goldwing IS faster than a school bus - but I threw him in the pond, anyway !!