Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ride to Clinton Iowa to hit the boat!! :P

I haven't been out on a longer trip for a while since I was under the weather it seemed like every weekend in August. Jim invited me on his traditional gambling run. This was a fun simple trip, straight out to Iowa. Met up with Jim and Tom in sugar grove at the airport.
Had some breakfast in Shabbona IL. Nice little place that was jammed so we hung out at the counter seats. Our waitress was awesome as she was more sarcastic than Jim, very entertaining.
The best part was the twenty something guy talking to us telling about how he owns the bar down the street. He then gets up and says "well gotta go clean the bar and smoke a bong". Little surprised he was so open with that.
Sorry about the buggy pictures, I thought the camera wouldn't pic it up so bad.
Anyways the price of gas kept going down all the way to Clinton. Lowest price I think was $2.49.
Clintion's new welcome sign.

They closed the boat and now it's on land and being used as a showboat. Snore!!
They did post directions for the new casino farther down RT.30....

The Killers waiting for a street light. There's nothing going on in Clintion.
The new casino, it's on dry land. They must of passed a $$law$$ to dump the boats..
The wind farm along HWY 30 buy Paw Paw. I had KLR and hit the gravel road to get closer pic's.
The typical country picture, with bugs!! :)
I think they want me to STOP NOW!!
Maybe one or two more rides this year. You can only hope.

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