Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Schnitz Racing KLR 685 piston kit --- engine porn!! :)

So this is the Schnitz klr 685 piston kit!!!!!!! In the next few weeks I'll be getting down to business getting the bike torn down and get the cylinder bored & honed. The piston is pretty nice and really looks like a Chevy 400 piston. The main reason for me doing this kit is after 400 plus miles you feel really buzzed from riding the KLR. This piston is 83 grams lighter than stock and should help. Also with the kit is a .010" base gasket that really boosts the compression up.


Eric said...

KLR??? What, are you like Enduro-man now? :)

Dude, what happened to shredding the roads on that lime green ZX-10? I've always hated that Kawi lime green, but you can't argue with the HP.

-eric s

FATTKAW said...

trust me I still do but not as often or as far. BTW: you still living around chicago???

Eric said...

Yeah, still in Chicago. S.M. mentioned your blog and the new informal riding group, Team R.N., so thought I'd drop by for some cycle news.

The new rebuild seems to be coming along nicely. Keep posting & take care.

-eric s