Sunday, November 9, 2008

685 finished up and smooth

The bore & hone is done and looks great. The guy I trusted for job is a retired Boeing airplane machinist and now does beautiful restorations on mostly Triumphs.

Nice fresh Bore & hone with the ring set down level to have the ring gap checked.

I set the top gap at .019, second ring at .026 and the oil scraper ring at the tightest spec .015
Also I did go with the .010 base gasket to get a little higher compression. I'll just have to keep a ear out for detonation especially on the trip I'm planning this next summer in the mountains.

I always forget how many miles I have or had on my projects so now I just take a pic of the odometer.

Sorry not to many pics of the job since I was very excited to just put the bike back together.
Sleeping the night before picking up the cylinder was hard. I'm not used to trusting someone to do mechanical or machining work for me. That was the toughest part of the whole job--trusting...

Over all the engine is smoother and may even be quieter mechanically. Could have a lot to do with the coated piston skirt. I only did 15 mile since it was recommend to go 5-20 miles and dump the oil and filter. Besides it's a cool 35F degrees, we will see if the weather gets warmer if I'll be able to finish the 200 mile break-in.

Next up it's time for heated grips and the replacement of rusty head bearings..

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