Monday, November 17, 2008


To start off with my Idea of doing mods to anything is make it look like it's suppose to be there or not be really seen at all. With the heated grip I decided to run the element wires through the factory harness. Have the switch at the dash and in a fairly easy to see and operate spot.
In the pic above that is the heater harness pulled through the factory loom with safety wire and electrical tape. A small shot of WD-40 really made fishing the wires easy..

Wires are neatly pulled into the loom.

Getting the grips off were easy with a blow gun and a little turning. The glue that the factory uses comes off great with WD-40. You need to then get the WD off with rubbing alcohol and a rag.
What I'm using in the pic above is adhesion promoter and I highly recommend it. The 3M tape is good but won't keep it on the bar long enough to get the grip on. Most auto stores carry the promoter.

Element stuck and staying down!!
Hair spray works like a charm to slide the grips on and not disturbe the elements. It will take about two days to dry up all the way.
Safty wire used to keep the grips solidly in place but not nessary. It's just something I do to all my bikes.
That looks bad in the pic but looking at it up close and it's no a problem..
More to come on this in a few days!!!!

For my trip reset button it's been hard to push for a year and it's time to fix it. It feels like I'm crushing glass with a pencil and it's gonna crack.
If you click the pic you can see the three points that I applyed grease. Dielectric grease is all I recommend for the job. If any of the grease ever touches the electronics it won't damage it. Also DON"T use any sprays it will eventuly ruin the electronics.
After I put it all back together it feels perfect and smooth. Why did Kawasaki not address this in production?? Who knows!! It's fixed today..

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