Sunday, November 23, 2008

Top gun spring swap

After all the things that have been added to the KLR, rear end sag has been sub-par. Even before I started to add weight to the bike the sag was never right and that was maxed out on preload #5. I like to have rear sag around 25-35mm and the best it could give me was 45mm. Well I've bought a new rear spring for the KLR. The only place that sells one is Top gun, and they were very good to buy from. Never had to ask how or where my order is.
Getting the shock out is so simple it's not even funny. Three bolts and it was in my hands.

The hardest part was compressing the shock to remove the collar. You can see in the pic below I touched the shock body with my tool and put in a small gouge. No biggie it still looks pretty and now feels like a big bike. Now on setting #1 I have 30mm of sag and that's with everything on the bike. The bike also sits over on the kickstand and doesn't look like it would fall over with a good wind.
Before I installed the spring I checked the shock to see how well the preload adjustment worked. That threw me for a loop when I found that the rebound adjustment really doesn't work. Meaning it does and it doesn't, it controls shock over all speed. It should only effect rebound and compression should stay at a constant. Instead the adjuster slows down compression and rebound equally.
So with the new spring there is little compromise, because I would love to have a little less compression over rebound. It is now a lot better ride and doesn't feel like a chopper coming out of turns hard on the gas. I still need to take it for a spin down a dirt road that I'm familiar with to see how that is. That's gonna have to wait since the weather has given us some snow.
Would I do it again? Yes and the only thing I would of done different is let the bike shop swap out the spring.

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