Sunday, November 23, 2008

Test ride for the grips and further engine break-in

Did my first ride with the heated grips and loved it. temp was only 45 degrees but no cold hands here. With the setting put on high, it was just too hot but on low it's great. I think the big hand guards aid in keeping air off the outside of my hands, so your whole hands stay pretty even in temperature.
Happy bike and happy owner!!

The one thing that makes riding in the cold more enjoyable is my new head sock. Seirus head socks are by far the best for riding. I had a neck sock and that made your neck warm and that's about it. It would bulk up between your jacket and helmet and feel like a neck brace. Plus even though you have a helmet on, your head still gets cold.
Getting the sock to fit under your helmet is a little tricky. Learning the best way to pull it on and have it feeling even under helmet took a few trys. Here's a link to REI

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