Sunday, April 5, 2009

KLR Wolo horn install and bracket

I've had this horn on my workbench for over a year now and no good way to bolt it up. The one forum I look at has a few people who did there own brackets to hide away. I've had a few ideas but never really liked mine. There is one guy out of the west coast selling these brackets that don't require cutting stuff off the bike. So nothing getting permanently harmed is my favorite way to go.

Nice simple bracket bolted up to see how the fit up is..
The welds are very nice and clean, no cold welds to fall apart from vibration.

The one other thing the horn NEEDED was a relay. The stock horn pulls 2.5 amps and the Wolo was pulling 15 amps. There is no way the horn switch will last long without a relay.
What I used was a waterproof relay from a recall kit I bought from work. The relay only pulls 250 milliamps so no problem for the switch.
I just safety wired the relay to the grill.

Nice and compact and works very well.

I think a lot of people think noise keeps them safe on the road. The whole "loud pipes save life's" thing is BS. I've had and have louder bikes and still get cars and trucks pulling over in front of me. Also 90% of the time I'll never use the horn to avoid trouble. It's just faster to get out of the problem than go for the horn and hope the crappy driver reacts properly. Most of it's use will probably to get my buddies attention.

added last shot after original posting.

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