Wednesday, March 25, 2009

short blast out to That 50's Place

My buddy Jim and I took off early afternoon for a short ride and lunch at That 50's Place for lunch.
We took Rt66 south of Joilet all the way to Dwight Il. Here's the restaurant link---
The place is pretty cool for the Rt66 tourist to stop and hang out at. Food was pretty good but I only had chicken fingers.
I haven't been down Rt66 for at least ten years and I was stunned how much they are pushing the whole cruise 66 thing. Lots of 50's stuff and really odd things along the road. The one thing that I saw that I found really odd was a Coffee place also in Dwight. It was two Semi shipping containers stacked on top of each other and was only drive up. I should of taken a pic of it but didn't feel like taking too many pictures. Next time..

The other spot we stopped was at the old Gardner jail house.. This is all they needed back in 1890. It was very cool and they let you go in and check it out.
The only road picture I took with my really crappy Kodak camera. It looks like the weather is about to open up and soak us. I need to pick up another small digital camera. It really was a nice day for a ride.

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