Saturday, June 20, 2009

Doc visit and riding

Well the Doc visit went very well and looks to be going away. Did twelve days of a medrol dose pack and I can't say it did much good. Very weird side effects and opposite of what they said it would be. It really made me not want to eat or drink much. I Think it was noticed more by the wife since I eat a lot.
The doc said I most likely irritated the nerve by repetitively pushing on it. Make sense to me since I work on cars all day and come home to work on bike. The one think I also do a ton of is was my hands at work to try and keep the customers cars clean. After trying to pay attention now to what I'm doing to the hand, I noticed I whack the handle of the sink to turn it on. It hits directly where the doc said it was being effected. Sounds crazy and I think I've done this since they put the sink in. It makes me feel kind of dumb not to realize this but I'm not totally sure that was the whole problem.
The one thing the doc made for me was a nice little custom hand guard to not push the nerve.
We formed it around a baseball bat to get the same curve as a bike grip. The plus side is I can ride and be very comfortable. The down side is I can't put on a glove to protect from a fall.
So I'm hopeful things will stay on the up and up!! :)

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