Tuesday, June 16, 2009

RD400 pipes and timing

The pipes are done and beautiful. To me their way better looking than the raw stainless look they had when new. The canisters also cleaned up and are lightly polished now. Mr. powder coater man told me to heat cycle them to let them expand slowly.

The timing unit that I have on there now is fully electronic and once its set I never need to touch it again. Right now it's set at 2MM BTDC and has a great throttle response. Really clean throttle snap with zero bog. The only thing I need to iron out is the jet setting. Stock is 115 main and all the forum guys are running 200 mains. That is a huge jump in sizes, so after the bike gets registered I'll get some road runs and plug checks. I'm guessing it will be about a 170 main in the end..

1 comment:

Kevin said...

Nice pipes. I painted mine too. Looks like yours came out better.

GSXRDman from USA forum.

I believe i was running around 230 mains with the Dave Friest carb mod.