Saturday, March 20, 2010

RD brake light and licence light

So it's time to get this bike on the road since I've been blowing it off for something like twelve years or so. I already did the headlight assembly last fall and now it's time for the back half.
I picked up two license bolts that have LED's built in and a license plate frame that has a running light and brake light in the top and bottom of it.

I picked up a Hitachi style connector so I can have a quality plug that will last..

Looks a lot like a OEM set up on a modern bike. you do need a special crimp tool and I've had one of these for a while. Here's the web site that offers connectors and tools,
Me not knowing that I'm have a picture taken of me from my nine year old. Yeah, I always kind of look pissed off.

The garage troll always has to get in the pictures!! :)

The new plate assembly, the top plate bolts are the LED's for the plate lights.

Nice wiring mess with tons of heat shrink. I used small zip-ties to hold all the wiring down to the back of the plate bracket. Nothing worse than a sloppy wiring job==NOT on my bikes!!

I have ten wires that need to be reduced down to three and it has to be a clean lasting job.

Down to three and only needing one large tube of heat shrink to tidy it up.

other half on and ready to go.


RD400 warm-up on the choke.

Running as clean as a two stroke can! :)


Anonymous said...

it needs some nice chrome pike nuts for the plate itself
1-1/2 inches tall

FATTKAW said...

I was thinking some really large chrome spikes!! :P