Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Small Ride.

This has been the first day I had a chance to take a spin since I think the third week of November.
Weather is pretty good at 60 degrees and sunny and the better part is I'm on vacation. It's been in the 60's a few days this month but the mornings are barely into the 30 degree range. I'm, I guess a little lazy and don't want to ride to work like the black Michelin man puffed up with layers. It's much better doing my 25 mile commute in the truck with a hot cup of coffee. Once the mornings are starting out in the 40 degree range I'll roll out on the bike to commute.

The "plan" was to ride over to the Buddhist temple and take a bunch of photos. Going there on a Tuesday afternoon you would think it would be empty but no!! It was packed with about 80 cars and I was the only white person in the whole place. I did not even get off the bike because I was afraid they might call the police for trespassing. I just snapped a quick picture of one of the structures.

This place just demands more pictures!! I'll be back..

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