Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cheese trail revisted

Did the Cheese trail again but this time with around maybe twenty bikes! Was a really great day meeting some more people in the Chicagoland dual-sport club.

I think the biggest challenge of the day was just finding a place that had the trail pass stickers. The normal lucky 7 gas station was out after a few of the guys beat us there. So off we went to the farm & fleet and all they had was ATV state passes. We got lucky and one of the guys found another gas station outside of farm & fleet had some left. :)

This is the most dual-sports I have ever seen in one spot.
Some of the guys were really hauling it down the trail and I was not one of them. Later at a gas station off to the side of the trail was a trail cop that stopped and we had a chance to talk. The lowest ticket was about $180!!! :O
Lucky for the head group none of them got caught. I was pretty surprised no one had a tip-over or a little crash.

I should of taken more pics but with my little crappy camera they never come out good.
It was a good long day with about 330 miles on-road and 47 mile off-road. I would of loved to have a small Dual-sport with some big knobby tires. Time to start scanning craigslist!! ;)

Info for the cheese trail.

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