Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Tech day!!

The morning didn't start out great and my Dad and I were wondering if anyone was going to show up. The radar was bad but the temps were staring out at 55 degrees. We put up all the canopies and drank coffee while it started to rain.
First person that showed up was a guy named John that really helped out on the last tech day.
I was shocked to see these guy just keep rolling in in the weather we were having. Something like 8-10 KLR in front of the house and it was great to see. It would not of happened without the Chicagoland Dual-sport riders being formed and I was lucky enough for a friend to point it out to me.

All in all I think we did six Doo's, a set of grips that were really glued on, and a set of lowering links. We started the first bike at about 8:30 and went to 5:45.

This is me just amazed at Eric's grips that were SO glued on that the air gun under the grips wouldn't work. I thought I'd show him cool quick trick but not today. The OEM grips were removed in chunks and took some time.

Joe also came back to help out. Thank you!

Trusty Dad to lend me a hand!!
My bikes out to make way for work and it looks like Lily also parked her bike off to the side. :)
Mike made it up from Chillicothe.
Sorry Joe your expression is so funny.

Also thanks again John for jumping in and splitting the doo load!

Bill dropped down from Milwaukee to to get the doo done. Thank for the rotor holder tool!

The second half of the day was like a brand new one. Sun came out as we had lunch and that really took the chill out of me. At least the guys didn't have to also ride home wet.

I want to really thank my friend Tom for borrowing me his canopies.
Also another thanks to John and Joe for doing work and the guys at my work for lending me the small bike jacks even though we never got to use them.

Maybe I'll have another tech day in late September!


Ireneusz said...

Thanks for all the help,

Yeah those grips and I quote John: " No problem just take a minute to do.... come right off ... I have trick"

Seriously, thanks for helping me with my doo, the grips, and the 16T. I learned a lot about taking the bike apart and met some cool folks. I'm not sure about the Cheese Trail but will post on the meetup site if im going to go.


FATTKAW said...

did the hair spray stick the grips good??

Colm said...

Fantastic 1st Tech Day for me. Thanks Jon for orgaizing this event, and thanks to John for doing my Doo as I pretended to help! Also thanks for the coffee and food.
Great meeting everyone and had some interesting discussions.
Bike ran smooth on the windy ride home.
Rain or shine, Dual Sports Ride!!!

William said...

Thanks for hosting this tech day Jon. It was well worth the trip. You can count me in for the next one, even if I have nothing to have done.

FATTKAW said...

I really enjoy hosting these and helping getting the bikes right.
It was really great to get to meet you guys, it was good people!
Also thanks for stopping by here and leaving comments! :)

motoroz said...

That looks really cool. Great way to help some folks out and learn from each other. I may have to try that.