Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another visit to Starved Rock and Camping

Took my son out for a motorcycling camping trip last weekend. The weather gods finally lined up good weather with the weekend. We took off from the house as soon as I got home from work since I knew a lot of folks were going to also pull a surprise camping trip.
When we showed up there was only three spots left and the ranger said go to spot #66 as it was the driest. After about fifteen minuets some girl pulls up and says it's her spot and we need to move!! Yeah, right!! There was no reserved tag or paid tag so I told her to take off. The husband and Wife camping next to me were standing there listing to all this BS from this girl. The girl came back in about ten minuets and then we all told her to get lost!! The Wife told me she would kick her ass if she came back. That kind of freaked me out since it was only a camping spot and it wasn't like we were in a heated argument. It's only a camping spot.
After camp was up I went and paid like the ranger told me too. the crazy girl was there arguing with the ranger. wacko!!
I went back to post my paid tag on the post and some other ranger was talking to the crazy wife and husband. Whatever, I'm going to dinner and buy firewood!
I came back with a full belly and firewood and the crazy Wife and Husband were gone with a beautiful RV in the spot. Perfect all crazys are gone..
The rest of the camping was great and my new sleeping bag was perfect and comfy. Best night sleep I have had. Garrett was most excited about cooking noodles on the MSR stove.
Our spot.
I have no clue what is on the leaf but if I had to guess it's caterpillars.
Trail out to the Illinois canyon.

Trippy tree growing up the rock wall.
Wow, way too much water to get across to see the canyon. :(

monster truck happy dance!!

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