Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tubes used to drive me nut's!!

Over the last three years between the KLR and my kids Honda 70 I have had a huge problem with changing tire with tubes. Never had problems years ago as a kid changing bicycle or bike tires with old screwdrivers! I have been using the motion pro levers since the KLR has been in the garage and I'm at six or seven tubes pinched while levering on new rubber over a three year span, and about three with the kid's bike. I watched youtube movies to see what I'm doing wrong and it seemed I was lost.
After really loosing my confidence with all the failures I would get all worked up inside every season the bike needed fresh rubber. Here I'am a full on journeyman auto technician for the last 16 years and I can't spoon a tire with a tube!! ARGH!!! I ran across some irons made by Moose that are not pointed and are a nice spoon spoon shape. I bought two and tossed them in my tool box and waited..

This passed Monday my friend came by to get his tires done and I told him to bring four tubes just in case we messed up. Really embarrassing to tell your buddy this when I'm supposed to be Mr. bike man.

First tire spooned on and filled up and I just listened, nothing, nothing, WOW, I did it!!!
Second tire spooned on and the same thing, nothing! Now I feel bad I told him to buy four tubes but better safe than sorry.

The next day it was time for the KLR to get a new front tire. I was still worried because it is a very narrow tire and easier to kill the tube. As it turned out I did good, no holes. :)

motion pro tube poppers!! I wouldn't give these to my worst enemies, next stop the trash can!

These are the moose tire tools that worked so well. These are going in the tool bag for my next big road trip next week.

More tools coming along for the big trip. A 8,10, and 12mm driver along with a T-Allen for the front axle pinch bolts.
Took this shot last weekend and thought I'd throw it in. I have no clue what town this old garage was in but it was due west out from Princeton IL.


Charlie said...

Ok so now I don't feel so bad. I have gone through 4 tubes on the kids KX65 trying to change them out with those Motion Pro spoons. I will be looking for the Moose ones today and get them. I am glad I have never had to use the other ones on the trail. Thanks for the posting.

FATTKAW said...

That was really my biggest fear with motion-pro irons, was getting a flat on the trail and then giving myself another man made flat.